Friday, June 8, 2012

I am not bigger than my knitting

That one day last week, I was only sort of joking when I said I could stop knitting tomorrow if I didn’t have so much yarn stash making me feel guilty.  

Actually, a not-insignificant part of me felt like I could stop yesterday.  My hands hurt, the weather was hot, I was too busy even to get sleep, I had huge technological problems I was ill-equipped to address, and I felt like I could use a big chunk of time just to reorganize the stuff that was piling up all over the place at home and in some cases literally tripping me as I dashed about.

Also, I hadn’t updated my Ravelry project page in forever.  There were so many projects I’d started and worked away on without even logging them, so I wasn’t getting that little rush of pride I used to feel when I looked at that page and knew I’d accomplished something in the past few weeks.

Overall, I guess you could describe my mood as C R A N K Y.

Which isn’t the usual state of affairs around here.

Then I got to the point in my course where I could sit and knit and watch a screen while listening to my speakerphone and – h’mmm. 


I probably got to knit about an hour over the course of that first day, but by the end of it, even though I was still making time for the course by eating junky food and not exercising, I felt a bit better.

Calmer.  More like I’d achieved something tangible – something tangible that also felt nice in my hands.  I felt normal.

So I did some more knitting.  That’s when I managed to finish not one but two pairs of socks.  I started new socks, not because I need more socks, but because I noticed I seem to need to knit and that was the fastest route to doing it.  Also, I updated my Ravelry page (mostly) and felt kinda proud of myself.

So: now I know.  Knitting is just like healthy food and exercise and sleep. 

I may want to not sleep when I could read or watch a movie instead,

and I may hate (or, to be accurate, really really hate) doing sit ups,

and I may not feel like making a salad when I could just whip together a peanut butter and jam sandwich every time I notice I’m hungry,

and I may not have time to knit,

but life is so much better when I do.

Hope your life is a bit better every day too - and that your weekend is the best!

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