Monday, June 18, 2012

Cucumber sandwich socks

On the weekend I put some super fresh bread around some super crisp cucumber slices and the colours made me think of some socks I'm knitting.

Of course when I put them together, there wasn't quite so much resemblance, especially with that gaping hole in the bread there.  Isn't it amazing how powerful yeast is?

I'm sure I had cucumber sandwiches earlier in my life, but the first I vividly remember is a version with cream cheese on a bagel in a coffee shop with my cousin one weekday afternoon when I was still in university and she was writing speeches for the provincial government.  Note the exciting two words in there:



She had the job of my dreams - writing full time, getting paid for it, being free to go to coffee shops in the middle of the day.  Just being near her gave me hope that some day I too could be so lucky.  So as you can imagine, that cucumber sandwich had all my aspirations in it (as well as being a revelation of delicousness, because I had never had that combination before: sheltered youth alert!)

As it turned out I never did get a full-time paying writing job that allowed me to hang out in coffee shops, but I've had halfway combinations of those things over the years so I can't complain.  And now I also have some very nice socks to knit as well.

I am loving how the fabric is coming out, with those flecks of bread crust.

I am also loving the tiny happy bag I'm keeping the sock in as I knit.  The embroidery feels very Lucy to me owing to all the colours of Attic 24 being in it, and that is a very nice aspire-y element too because I am dreaming of a cottage bright with cheery inviting cushions and bunting like Lucy has in her holiday camper.

And soft?

Oh my goodness these socks are soft.  The colour may be a one-off - I'm not sure - but the yarn itself is readily available, even online, from Biscotte et Cie - it's La Douce, made from merino, cashmere, and nylon.

I've been knitting a lot with that base yarn lately, dyed by different artists - I should write about that one day this week so you don't get stuck with something educational about equity funds being a higher risk than ones of the money market variety.

(kidding! I would never stick you with something like that.  apart from telling you I wouldn't, heh.)

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