Sunday, June 24, 2012

If I had planned this better...

When I was casting on two socks to cart around with me I really should have made sure they were from the same yarn.

Because if I had, I would have a nearly complete pair by now.

* * * * *

As I look at this picture I am reminded (like the notes spread over my desk and under my elbows weren't a clue) that the nearly-done course I am still enduring is made up of two tests, equally difficult even if one takes a little less time to write, like the sport-weight mohair sock on the right there has fewer stitches in it.

Two tests nearly done, two socks nearly done, my brain veryvery close to tooootally done.


I drank coffee this morning even though I don't drink coffee.  I got caffeine shakes and still didn't wake up.

* * * * *

Frankly I'm quite impressed that, no matter how boring my posts may have been this past week, I kept posting.  Today however I am changing tactics: posting on a Sunday, then skipping the next day or two so I can focus on not having to repeat the test I am writing tomorrow (and subsequently recovering from writing it the first and hopefully only time.)

This is mostly because I feel like writing right now, when I have time to convince myself this dawdling isn't going to cost me, and I will not feel like writing tomorrow at 6am when I know all my dawdling is costing me big time, already.

Knitter know thyself!

* * * * *

Trish is trying* to persuade me that we should go to Rhinebeck this year.  I'm not going to link the name of this I'm sure perfectly charming town which hosts a mad woolly textile frenzy in the fall because I don't want to drive anybody else to distraction.

* 'trying' so far has consisted of a link sent via e-mail and, the next day, the phrase "I'm not really kidding".  Trish is subtle. 

* * * * *

In between classes and in one case during - oops - I've been ordering and receiving boxes of Things to take up to the cottage.  One of them contained a really good candy thermometer because apparently I felt I needed one of those.

(this is probably why I don't camp.  people whose idea of preparing for four days far from a corner store is to plan for a steady supply of treats do not belong in the woods.)

* * * * *

This year's Tour de Fleece is starting really soon.  Like - 6 days from now?  And I have not been training except for buying lots of fleecy things which doesn't really count I don't think (does it?)  I wonder whether I will be any better at the start this time than I was last year, after so many months away from my wheel?

Maybe I should wrap this up, write out some more notes, and go spin.   It's a beautiful day for spinning and a girl can only read so many ratio formulas that don't relate to a wheel, heh.

* * * * *

they sell fleece at Rhinebeck.  Just sayin'.

* * * * *

Okay guys, I gotta go be responsible.  Have a GREAT week.  I'll be back in a few days, possibly with a magically finished Thing to show off.  Even if it's just a solitary sock.  In the meantime wish me luck, whether for the hypothetical sock or for the not-hypothetical exam!


justmeandtwo said...

You're simply amazing taking on a new career and all those exams and formulas and such. Best of luck! (with the knitting and resisting Rhinebeck as well)

Pauline said...

Luck, luck, luck!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Forget Rhinebeck- wait a week and come to SAFF... just sayin'

Trish said...

Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, Rhine...

SAFF looks awesome, too, but it's the weekend before Hallowe'en and a really long drive with no easy bus trip being planned. If we lived in that magical world of no kids, responsibilities, etc, I'd be saying let's take 10 days and do them all!

Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck,...