Monday, September 15, 2014

Look what I knit that isn't a sock!

Lookit, I knit something pretty:

For a couple of years now I've wondered what to do with all the little yarn samples I get with every order from Twisted Fiber Art.  They're so adorable, and so perfectly dyed for the length that they are, it seems a shame not turn them into something delightful.   There are quite a few sweet little patterns for turning them into bookmarks or coasters. I might have given in and knit one of those, but I was too busy knitting socks and anyway, I wanted something... different.

And then I noticed this problem I was having.  Or rather, I noticed it after the fact.  The earbuds I carry around in my purse for emergency audiobook listening had caught on something sharp! and the squishier part around the speaker bit had been cut away in one uncomfortable place.  Some sort of soft, protected pouch for the replacement pair was indicated.

I loved knitting this pouch so, so much.  It was even more cheery-uppy than the Cheery-Uppy Socks.  Plus: gift potential!  Because an awful lot of people are carting earbuds around in their bags for the times when they are talking to other live, in-person humans.  I can totally justify knitting more of these...

... which is lucky, because I still have quite a few yarn samples.

I'll try to spend some time this week writing up the pattern in case you'd like to make one yourself.  Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful day to replace your wonderful weekend!  I had a pretty good one of those myself at the Kitchener Knitter's Fair - so come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it.

UPDATE:  Pattern's up!


JackieLemon said...

Love this idea! My earbuds are always getting tangled with my knitting when I throw them in my project bags. Can't wait for the pattern

Mary Keenan said...

Yay! I just have to decide which yarn gets to be the official pattern one and then I can write it up :^)

Marianne said...

This would be a great gift bag for earbuds also. I know I am giving 2 sets this year! Can't wait for the pattern, thank you!!!!!!!

Mary Keenan said...

Actual earbuds inside is a much better gift combo than the pouch with tiny butterscotch candies one I was thinking of :^)