Sunday, December 18, 2011

The sixth day of knitting

I think I might be off with the whole days of knitting thing.  If today is the sixth, then the twelfth is Christmas Eve.  I'm gonna have to source something SUPER fast to knit that day.

Today's suggestion is pretty fast.  It's a cosy (or cozy, for my American friends) for your e-book reader - in this case a Kindle - compliments of Haramis Knits.  At whose shop incidentally one might purchase knitted monsters mentioned in an earlier Christmas Knits episode, thereby speeding the whole process.  In fact you can even buy knitted Kindle sleeves there.

I'm still out in the field about e-readers.  I know people who really love them, and I do feel slight envy on a crowded subway car when I have to put away my dpns for safety and somebody else is casually perusing some fabulous novel.  I have a tiny house with many, many bookshelves that are all already full, so it would make sense to go paperless.  In fact, somebody actually wanted to give me one for Christmas to avoid the whole More Yarn?? question.  (like there's any call for that.)

But I played with one in a local bookstore and it was just... No.  Not so much.

If I did get one though, it would be a Kindle, and I would definitely knit a cover for it.  If I hadn't promised myself to clean the house today and put up a tree.  See you tomorrow, hopefully with pictures!


Cynthia K-R in Canada said...

You may prefer a Kobo Vox Colour to Kindle since Kobo can access Ontario library system, and Kindle CANNOT. Until that happens, Kobo Vox is best. I have Kindle too, and can only BUY. Just a suggestion!

Mary Keenan said...

This is such a good point, especially for new releases and other in-demand books with months-long waiting lists. Also: I keep getting gift cards for Indigo which I could use for Kobo. On the other hand... reader or book? I still want the book!