Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Books too

I had to return The Principles of Knitting to the library yesterday and am now back on the hold list, hoping to be poring over it come late October when doubtless I will once again, too late, be thinking SWEATERS.

Alleviating the loss: more knitting books from the shelf there, including

Easy Knitted Socks, which I hope will tide me over until Kathleen Taylor's must-have Big Book of Socks comes out in September

Beautiful Knitting Patterns, which I had out before and may enjoy more now that I've swatched so many more stitches (none of the stitches have names, which really throws me off for some sad reason)


Oh, Wow,

Knitting Little Luxuries, of which every page is as luscious as the herringbone bag on the front.

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