Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas present(s)

Some time ago Kathleen Taylor mentioned she knits small items all year and sets them aside for Christmas, so that when the holidays do loom up she has a good store of potentials.

Never being one to disregard such a good tip, I had resolved some time ago to do the same... only, of course, I got distracted. No more!

This arrived in the mail yesterday:

More Jacob/Alpaca goodness from Toots LeBlanc - the top one is called 'red' but is really a warm brown - that will be perfect for little items for up to a dozen people on my list (it's a long list and that's a drop in the bucket, but still, fun!)

And to make the little things really special, I think I will wrap quite a few of them in little zippered purses from tinyhappy.

I don't think any of these friends knit, but the bags are lovely and generously sized, and perfect for other things besides storing your socks in progress. That said, I did just order one that's big enough to store a hat in progress on my 10" Brittany Birch double-pointed needles.


Kathleen Taylor said...

oooohhhhhh...... looooooove the yarn

melissa said...

beautiful yarn, mary! that's so kind that you want to wrap your knitted gifts in purses i've made. i'm honoured!