Monday, July 20, 2009

New yarn, new socks, and the design that wouldn't die

I think I forgot to say that I knit socks on my extended public transit journey last week (and also on the ride out to to see my mum on Saturday):

where I attracted the conversation of a crochet-and-sewing person. I do love how knitting prompts friendliness, though I can't take all the credit, because if I saw somebody knitting with this yarn I would want to get chatty too.

(Knitterly Things Vesper Sock; you're welcome.)

And speaking of all Things Knitterly, I decided to order some of Julia's Kid Mohair, as well as more heel and toe yarn in cherry red, and it all arrived at a critical moment last week:

I say critical, because this is what was sitting on my desk at the very moment I stopped to check the mailbox, having ripped back three times already (in the end I got halfway done the 5th attempt before realizing I would have to rip out AGAIN, and have started anew in another yarn, which is still not the cherry red, but will doubtless be so soon):

And yes, thank you for noticing - this is the same project I started and stopped in other yarn several times last week. I swear, designing knits is just like writing fiction over many drafts, only perhaps a little harder on the eyes.

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