Thursday, July 23, 2009

Toots LeBlanc to the rescue!

Yesterday - as I waffled again about whether there was even any point in going on with the yarn I was trying for the design I'm working out for a Something Special, I decided to check the mail.

And look what was in it!

I placed an order with Toots LeBlanc recently, after reading a ton of favourable yarn reviews over several months, and ended up substituting some medium grey Jacob/Alpaca DK for the Blue Leicester/Pygora I ordered originally, owing to a mixup about just how much medium grey was left in that. And -


As soon as I pulled it out of the envelope I knew: the medium grey I didn't know I wanted turns out to be the very yarn I had been waiting for!

Life lesson #4397.

And now that I've ordered more in more colours (hat hat hat!) for myself, I don't mind a bit saying that the Merino/Angora everybody raves about isn't the only droolable yarn in the shop - the Jacob/Alpaca is stupendously soft and supple, luscious to work with, and definitely something to treat yourself to.

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Anonymous said...

The grey must be the rose grey Jacob/Alpaca Dk weight and it is to die for. You should try the Lilac and you will see a different color like nothing you have seen, but look at it in the sun and let your eyes feast.