Friday, July 10, 2009

Knitting day

I've been writing up patterns for days now, having (finally) discovered that you can work out the stitch sequences on paper, then knit to confirm your theories and adjust as you go, thereby avoiding the crushing misery of writing up a pattern you've already knit - i.e., when the fun is gone.

But today: I knit. Turner Classic Movies is running a whole day of early 1930s movies and I have a nice comfy sofa on which to sit and enjoy them.

I never knit as fast watching a movie as when I'm listening to music or perched near a window. It's not just that I get interested in the story (at least, I always hope to be interested, but that doesn't always work out). The sad truth is, I need my glasses to see the screen, but I can't knit with my glasses on. Even now that I have trifocals. It is a sad choice to have to make, but today - an easy one.

Wish me luck, would you? I am aiming for a highly productive weekend so I can share my newest free pattern next week!

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