Monday, July 13, 2009

In which all is revealed

Well, not all - pretty much everything I'm knitting right now has to be under wraps - but I can show you what I was so frantically finishing for my friend's birthday last week. You can whip these up in two evenings, and the stitch is really satisfying but not so demanding as to require you to turn off the TV or ask chatty companions to go away.

If only I knew more people who do yoga and pilates and get cold feet:

Are you proud of me? I've knit one pair of socks in my life and now I've designed a respectable pair of my own (admittedly, leaving out the only tricky bits.)

Watch this space for the pattern, which I'll write up and post some time this week.


I'm sorry, I just had to share these further shots, having clearly outdone myself on the cute-wrapping front.

I tied a sample of Soak to the front, since my friend doesn't knit and won't have anything really special to wash them with. And now I'm thinking I need a few more samples to wrap up all my knit holiday presents with, because they look so pretty hanging from a ribbon! Apparently you can order an assorted set of 12 right from their site, by clicking "Order Online" on the list at the left border and choosing the mini-Soaks.

Can you believe I did all this for the woman who makes me do 20 seconds of Face Down Plank several times in a row twice a week? Me neither. But she also makes it possible for me to continue eating chocolate and ice cream without any hip- or knee- related penalties, and that's worth a whole lot more than lacy yoga socks and a pretty wrap-up, don't you think?

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