Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When in doubt, wind stuff

Yesterday I made the terrible discovery that the item I was on track to finish for a friend (one of those ones I never get to see but will be seeing today) to try on, and


it was, as he would say, One Too Many Rhinestones.

Too much texture, too much symbolism, too much backstory, too much variegation in the yarn. Not to mention pooling. And nothing - and I mean nothing, I ransacked it so I know - nothing whatever in my stash that would work better. Told you I still don't have enough stash!

So... what to do? I had nothing else on any needles, having been determined to get this one thing off my list. And everything else in my queue needs swatching and blocking before I can start. And I'd already dusted the top of the fan over the stove.

Answer: winding stashed skeins into balls. I did one I was thinking of for a hat...

and I was still all aimless, so I did another I want for socks even though it would be perfect for a hat...

and then another I can't think what to do with but love anyway...

and then I thought I really should do the matching heel and toe yarn (which suggests socks, but... a hat? or mitts? or a really awesome scarf?)

and then I admired my handiwork...

and then I dug out my two sets of 2.25 mm dpns and cast on two top-down socks because I am fresh out of travel knitting. And now I am mostly happy again, even though none of this got me any closer to the yarn I need for the project for my friend.

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