Friday, July 3, 2009

Rewarding rewards

Yesterday I typed up patterns for about 6 hours straight before I noticed it was getting hard to see, so I took a break for lunch and some laundry. Then I got back to patterning and when I was finally done as much as my brain could manage, I went the mailbox and found this:

Words cannot describe how much I love this colourway. If I hadn't joined next season's club and I got this in the mail, I would still be crying today! And if just plain adoring it wasn't enough... check this out:

Yes, you're quite right - that's the solid I bought to heel and toe last month's sock yarn - a perfect match for the pink stripe in this month's. I wonder if I can squeeze four heels and four toes out of that little skein of pink? Or at least four heels?

Or... Oh, this is really evil and maybe even ill-advised (or are evil things automatically ill-advised? I suppose it's sort of part of the package?) but...

the grey in this mix matches my winter coat perfectly.

No, it's too ridiculous. It will make awesome socks, esp. since the red is such a great match for the belt I wear with my jeans, and also my grey cropped wool pants.

and since this is the Month of Hat-Patterning, I could shift this yarn straight up to the top of the queue.

And so adorable with my Mary Janes for the fall!

I could go and wind the skein right now. I'm on holiday after all - and my next deadline isn't till the 15th. And it's not like I'll be short of sock projects, having signed up for the summer club...

Yes, I'm really pleased I joined the Vesper Sock Yarn Club. But I'd better go get back to the hat patterning... got a lot of things to write down and swatch and, um, stuff. Ahem.

Have a great weekend!

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