Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Round and round we go


Another day, another go at the very same teeny tiny yet impossibly challenging project

(or maybe I just need more sleep?)

I got a whole test model done yesterday which revealed that I have to

a/ finetune a bit of shaping
b/ find a better means of increasing
c/ source a different yarn.

The yarn I keep coming back to is just too filmy for what I have in mind, I think. But oh dear, now that I have a finished if flawed piece, it is just so hard not to want about 16 garments in it. It's soft like angora but simple straightforward undyed 2-ply from the sheep of a girl I was in high school with, no less. She made a stunning Aran sweater with just a few skeins of it, and I so wish I could make it work for this little thing, though I did make it work for a little something else. Maybe what I need as well as more sleep is less being greedy.

I spent last evening watching a movie and trying for the 632nd time in another yarn, also lovely, and also I think not quite right for this project, or maybe it's perfect and I'm just comparing it too much to the other supersoft yarn, whose colour is slightly better suited to the recipient.

Or maybe I just need more sleep

(or a bigger stash.)

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