Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel planning

I've got a lot of passenger-in-car time coming up through the rest of this summer, which begs the question: what knitting to bring?

I'm painfully aware that this is where I would be sensible to knit from large-scale patterns such as sweaters, designed by other people, with all the kinks already worked out. Knitting my first shawl, for example, would be a good plan - lots of work involved, but a compact skein, and a lace repeat that's not rocket science after the first few attempts. Even a sock project or three would be smart - it's not like I haven't accumulated enough sock yarn.

But I have to accept that I am me, and I will be knitting my own designs, and probably working out said designs as I go. Which means I don't have to bring just the yarn and the needles and the notes, but also reference material in case I decide to try a different approach to a particular segment of the garment.

Probably means I need to wind some skeins into balls, too.

And definitely, swatching and blocking - I don't want to have to stop halfway to where I'm going to wait for that step!

But I also don't want to be carting a lot of stuff I don't need, so I'll really need to plan this well (which should be interesting, given the state of my health, and What Happened Last Night.)

Oh, let's face it. None of this bodes well for any other packing I might have to do. I think I'll have to enlist somebody else to organize picnic fare, and reconcile myself to buying a new toothbrush and paste for anything overnighty.

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