Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inside the toolbox

Remember the other day I was whining about my darning needle? Well, guess what I found at my local fabric store!

The needle on the left is the old too-long one. The new one is SO much better. I was so pleased with the good people at Unique for saving my knitting bacon, I bought some of their other tools:

(even though I finally figured out how to knit cables without a cable needle.)

The new tools reminded me of the eggcup I received at Easter. It's the perfect size for tiny stitch holders and tinier stitch markers, and so bright you can't lose it even on a messy shelf:

Lots of knitting to do today. I found out yesterday a dear friend's birthday is this week! I've designed something I hope will be fast and not use up more than the one ball of yarn that is perfect for the project, and if it works out, it (and not the horizontal stitch thing) will be the next freebie.

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