Monday, July 6, 2009

The joy of slip stitching

I did so much swatching this weekend! and a lot of it was slip stitch pattern repeats. I used to avoid those things because they can be so slow to grow and you have to fuss with putting the yarn in front or in back, but there are a few things they are awesome for, like:

texture on the surface of a garment

mixing colours on one row with just one strand of yarn

making a gap for threading ribbon through

And you can use them in all kinds of different ways, as shown in these free patterns from other designers:

Herringbone Ribbed Socks

Herringbone Slipped Stitch Hat

Tisserand (this is a Ravelry download, so if you're not yet a member, it's a super reason to get onto signing up)

Florenz Socks (ditto on the Ravelry download)

When I wasn't slipping stitches I was shifting some knitting things off my desk, and shifting other knitting things on, and writing up two patterns to knit later on the theory that if I can get the busy writing part done up front I will enjoy the knitting more. And

YES, I did wind the new sock yarn into a ball and swatched it and I am definitely making a hat out of it. And it will be stunning.

In virtuous news, I even did a tiny bit of knitting on my next deadline project. But not enough, so I will go finish that now. Happy Monday all!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Tisserand is amazing! Though I don't speak or read French, so I'll have to find a translation engine (which will make for amusing instructions, I suspect).

Mary Keenan said...

I know - my jaw dropped when I saw that one!!