Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Naturally, since I'm in the throes of fine-tuning another project, I spent some time yesterday playing with the lush-green yarn I bought from The Midnight Sheep.

I am partial to green. I have green eyes, and green things tend to draw attention to them, but also, green is just such a yummy colour, don't you think? Not to mention what a perfect understated tone it can be for such bright contrasts as pink:

The greens are much richer in life than they appear here, in the rain, under bit of projected roofline, but they are just as varied.

I'm not sure these little cables are right for the Thing I have in mind for this yarn, but then, the Thing keeps changing shape in my mind so who knows? What is certain is that the yarn itself is quite lovely - soft and springy and definitely warm and highly amenable to different treatments with a nice 220 yards of playtime in it - and the colours are divine.

I see there's another skein of it in the Sheep shop today, as well... h'mmm...


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I recognise that yarn. I hope it plays nicely with others, as and when required.

Kathleen Taylor said...

gorgeous yarn! And I love greens as well, though I can only wear a couple of shades (like gold, green makes me look like I died a few days ago)