Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer breeze (yes, it's still about knitting)

I watched soooo many suspense movies yesterday but the biggest suspense of all was

Would the Special Project work out at last???

I had to remind myself partway through part one that it would shrink a little once blocked - more in width than in length, too, which was comforting, given that I got distracted by Humphrey Bogart and knit two or three fewer rounds than I intended.

In the midst of panicking, I checked the mailbox and found this:

I know I can't expect yarn in there every day but it was pretty nice to have it happen twice in one week. And how gorgeous are these colours - "Summer Breeze"? I do love how the sock club yarns come wrapped in matching tissue and accompanied by candy. The pink lemonade Jolly Rancher lolly was delicious, by the way.

After kicking up my heels about the new yarn I was very brave and finished part one, and started in on part two. My optimism was eventually confirmed when I chased down somebody of the correct size to try the thing on and tell me that yes, indeed, it was just the slightest bit roomy. I stayed up very, very late to finish part two while watching Still More Movies, and blocked both, and will be doing Embellishments this morning.

And then I will meet up with the friend to whom I have devoted the 7+ days through this project. I couldn't think of a nicer finish to a month's holiday, can you?

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