Tuesday, July 14, 2009

O what a tangled web etc.

I find this hard to imagine, but some people actually like untangling knotted-up skeins of wool. I'll do it when I have to, but I'm motivated by the desire to get back to my project; these noble knitters will do it for chocolate, or the sheer satisfaction of beating down that tangled mess.

I tried to put myself in their shoes last night, when I looked down and discovered I had once again entered TangleTown:

It wasn't easy. I reminded myself of the tips I picked up last time I looked through the postings by Ravelry's detangling group*, such as:

Use a tiny crochet hook to get to the centre of a knot and tease it apart

Put mohair in the freezer before detangling

Tie a stitch marker to any loose ends you can find, so you can keep on finding them as you go

But luckily, none applied. I had tangled up such springy superwash, it would have been near impossible for me to make a really killer knot. It only took two hours of diligence to get me back to where I'd left off:

Only this time with a nice round ball. I don't know why, but the only knots I get come during the skein-winding stage or when I work with a centre-pull ball. Maybe I'm cursed, or maybe I should just take the hint.

Either way, today is going to be 100% knitting! with a side of enjoying letting somebody else do my exterior painting this year. Huz-zah.

* Link only works for members of Ravelry - if you're not a member, you just gotta sign up, it's awesome!

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