Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter sock progress and other happinesses

While I was out of town last week I made some serious leg progress in on my Spring! Ahead! socks, and when I was finally recovered enough from my stupid cold to be able to knit, I got them up to the gussets:

Maybe it's the virus talking but there is something super surreal about these colours together.  I mean, the yellow and the purple, those are totally Peeps.  I'm guessing a lot of people reading this will know a lot more about Peeps than I do, because I have consumed exactly one Peeps chick in my life, and then only when some American friends insisted I would not truly live till I did (they do sell in Canada now but at the time they were an entirely foreign colour-sugar-coated marshmallow concept to me).  Am I crazy to think they lend themselves to creepy storytelling?  It can't be a coincidence, the number of people who film Peeps In Microwave and post the video on YouTube.

Anyway, after three days stuck in bed reading, including two books about cells and viruses and the search for the first antibiotics - which, incidentally, is not subject matter I recommend for passing the time while stuck in bed with a wicked cold - I really thought I'd go berserko so I asked Pete to pick up a movie for me and dragged myself to the sofa to watch it.  How much do I love that he didn't even get the text I sent him after he'd set off in which I begged for Frankenweenie, but bought it anyway?

A lot.  These socks and this movie: match made in heaven, especially since the movie is so very much without colour.


As a complete aside: super disappointed not to have tracked down any content on how the puppets' costumes were made. Edgar E. Gore, the hunchback boy, wears the draggiest reverse-knit stripey sweater with ragged edges, and I am smitten.  With the sweater.  (definitely not with his dental work.)

Notice anything at all interesting - by which I mean, unusual - about the pictures in this post?  Like, that they weren't taken on my peeling grey porch?

Two reasons for that:

a/ I haven't been well enough to set foot out of the house

b/ I have A NEW CAMERA!

ringa ding ding!  It's another Canon, because I've had such good luck with those, but a bit further up the feature scale: an SX260 HS.

Yes, it weighs four full ounces more than my old one, and Yes, I am going to really regret that it Italy, but oooomigosh, I can take pictures inside the house now. 

Also I'll never lose it because the store, which had it on sale, was out of black.  Leaving me with 'red'.  (apparently 'red' is what they're calling 'hot pink' these days.)

In other news, thank you enormously for your feedback about what I should do about Hugs while I'm away.  I will take your advice, and be grateful for it, because having lost nearly a week to gallons of water and box upon box of tissue, I am probably going to be too swamped to write that many posts ahead of time anyway.  Also, as it's about 17 years since the last time I took off like this, the problem shouldn't come up again for quite some time.

And that's me done till tomorrow - see you then, and take care of yourselves!  There's a nasty bug going around and take it from me, you do not want to get it.

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jezz said...

Noticed the indoor shots immediately! A new toy AND you're feeling better--yeah!!